Monday, February 4, 2013

Shots Fired: Keyshia Cole Disses Michelle Williams on Twitter

Where in the hell do I begin??  In my free time, I kick it on Facebook and then bounce over to Twitter. My Twitter timeline was highjacked with comments on Keyshia Cole's tweet after she went in on Beyonce's Destiny sibling, Michelle Williams' performance at the Superbowl!
The tweet that set it off:
My gawd!  The Destiny Child stans went IN on poor Keyshia!  While there were 14k+ retweets from Keyshia's original tweet, I can't count the number of counter tweets to Keyshia! From calling her singing into question, to her appearing on a perm box, to her sister's name (Neffateria), to her mother's struggle with drugs-Twitter was engaged in an all out war for hours.  

Here are a couple of responses to Keyshia's tweet for your viewing pleasure:
Even Michelle got in a little dig (tweet has since been deleted):

And Kola Boof piped in:
And in true Keyshia Cole fashion, she stuck by her words:
 And on...and on...and went. As of this post (3:33am, 02.04.13), Twitter is STILL ablaze!
What say you? Are you #TeamMichelle or #TeamKeyshia?