Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dawn Richards...Nose Job=Photoshop Job

Dawn Richards the beautiful young singer, formerly of MTV's Making The Band, and Diddy's defunk (along with several others) band Danity Kane has proven her musical skills, now she's had to prove she hasn't undergone plastic surgery.
After a pic of a barely noticeable Dawn snaked its way around the internet, Dawn has come out not only with the unedited version of the pic has shown disappointment in those who seems to believe negative news first.

Dawn after Pphotoshop (left), Dawn before Photoshop
Regarding the botchery, Dawn's quoted as saying:

“Photoshop does wonders and seems to start $#!t too,” she tweeted after the rumors started. Some not only questioned what appeared to be a new nose, but accused her of bleaching her skin, too.
The photo that caused so much commotion showed Dawn with an extremely contoured nose. The former Danity Kane singer was hardly recognizable to many and, as is a growing trend these days, the haters made their disappointment known.
“Wow…That can’t be the same person…If so, self hated is rearing [its] ugly head for sure,” read one comment on
To clear things up, Dawn decided to post the original picture, before it was digitally altered.
“I mean I guess it doesn’t matter people (our people) believe what is most negative anyway…” she wrote. source
Question...what's WRONG with embracing our ethnic features? Why must the nutjobs with a mouse distort our features into what we're not?  We're not of European descent and newsflash-NOT EVERYONE WANTS to be of European descent.  The PhotoCHOP pic makes Dawn look 40years old-EASILY!! Mission NOT accomplished, PhotoCHOPPERS!